The Use of AI in Cross-vendor VNF Self-healing

How are AI and ML changing the face of cross-vendor VNF processes. Download this FREE White Paper now.

Discover what role artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are playing in the context of automated cross-vendor VNF self-healing and auto-scaling processes.

Key points covered in this white paper:

  • Using AI/ML to discover patterns and make predictions
  • Matching the best VNFs for predicted usage
  • Automatically triggering self-healing and auto-scaling across different vendor-specific VNF implementations
  • Assuring uninterrupted service performance for customers through the ability to swap seamlessly between different vendors’ VNFs
  • Managing on-boarded VNFs and machine learning features in terms of the ability to implement the customer services
  • The new role of the end to end orchestrator